In New York City and in other major cities there are several meetups nearly every day of the week relating to blockchain or cryptoassets. There is no shortage of new companies, people pivoting careers, media coverage and instant millionaires. My evenings have certainly been consumed with anything and everything blockchain. Here’s a new decentralized exchange, here’s another ethereum killer, here’s yet another crypto-fund. Sure, I’ve heard of them. But one person and one company I met back in December 2017 left a remarkable impression.

Meet Leah Callon-Butler from, a cryptocurrency company designed to make the adult and sextech industry safer for all. Callon-Butler is a cofounder and the engagement director. She is Australian, intelligent, delightful, engaging, and will capture you in a discussion on why she cares so much about her work in the adult industry.

Now why would blockchain be relevant to the adult industry? I mean, not everything has to be blockchain, right? But the adult industry may just be the use case to drive the mass scale adoption we need in cryptocurrency. Why? For the same reason, third world countries are – they are underserved.

I am just as guilty as anyone else contributing to the challenges in the adult industry. Beyond the typical stereotypes and jokes, I have not given much thought to that world or the real people in it. I champion diversity and inclusion because it is a fact that this is an advantage and a benefit. It occurred to me how much I and the rest of the world exclude the entire sex industry – morally and financially.

Callon-Butler shares with me her journey and how she co-founded intimate, what drives her to be so committed to the mission, what drives her mad, and what fuels her to keep working. Below is an excerpt of our interview (paraphrased for editing purposes.)

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