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Past BLunches

A Decentralized Digital Art Gallery – December 2019

Speaker: Judy Mam, Co-founder of
Hosted by Orrick

It was refreshing to present to a community of smart and high caliber women who are passionate and knowledgeable about blockchain. I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic conversation with BLunchers. I look forward to learning more from this fantastic community.!”

– Judy Mam, Co-founder

Crypto Journalism – September 2019

Speaker: Christine Kim, Tech Reporter at Coindesk
Hosted by

“Jamie represents all the positive aspects of the tech industry: creative, forward-looking, and driven to improve the world. Strongurl BLunch has been instrumental in opening the door in the space for me. As a human catalyst for social change, Jamie has created a welcoming and accessible environment for those of us who don’t have a fin-tech background yet want to be a part of what many consider to be the Future of Everything.”

– Alicka Pistek, Author and Marketing/Communications Professional

Strongurl BLunch Conference May 2019

In Partnership with IBM
Hosted by Lowenstein Sandler

CryptoKitties / Dapper Labs Keynote
Financial Platforms/Investing in Cryptos
Designing Blockchain Tech as Software Engineers
Next Gen Leaders How Blockchain Impacts the Future
Binance Charity Foundation Keynote
Blockchain Use Cases for Consumers

“We need to be intentionally inclusive. I’m going to task everyone to take a pledge with me. For one year let’s not: 1) moderate an all male panel, insist on diversity, 2) participate on an all male panel, insist on diversity, 3) if you see an all male panel, point it out to the organizer, tell them to be intentionally inclusive. Representation is powerful. Recommend women and insist on diversity.”

– Jamie Moy, Founder, Strongurl

How to Buy Crypto – March 2019

Speaker: Jane Wang, Software Engineer at Messari
Hosted by Shearman & Sterling

“Jamie Moy and Strongurl embody female empowerment! The room was filled with engaged and curious women who learned how to create a digital wallet and had insightful questions about investing in digital assets. Strongurl BLunch provided a welcoming and inclusive environment to learn. A good time was had by all!”

– Donna Parisi, Global Head of Finance, Financial Services and FinTech, Shearman & Sterling LLP 

Blockchain and the Law – February 2019

Speaker: Arina Shulga, Partner at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp and Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School
Hosted by Breaker (formerly SingularDTV)

“Jamie is doing a fantastic job in bringing together people with deep interest in blockchain and creating an environment for sharing and learning. It is great to be part of a female-led group focusing on the technology, and hear people with much expertise in the area share their insights. BLunches give an opportunity to gain from our different backgrounds and strengths, and to strengthen a community of women in tech.”

– Silve Parviainen, Director Nordic Innovation House – New York

Blockchain and the Internet – October 2018

Speaker: Elizabeth Thys, Operations Partner of Blockstack
Hosted by Lowenstein Sandler

“In the summer of 2018 I was introduced to Jamie Moy and Strongurl BLunch. I have attended every month since that first introduction as I find the venue terrific.  It has given me a great opportunity to network with a very diverse group of men and women and further my expertise in blockchain.  Jamie does an amazing job of building a network of people interested in the blockchain phenomenon, leading the BLunches and curating great topics for each session.” 

– David Wezdenko, Co-Founder and CEO Blue Leaf Ventures

Blockchain and Investing – July 2018

Speaker: Caroline Hofmann, COO of Republic
Hosted by Lowenstein Sandler

“I got some laughs in the office when I said I’d be speaking at a blockchain event. The guys didn’t think blockchain was my thing. But I had things to say about blockchain, even if I wasn’t trading alt coins in the off hours and a room packed with BLunchers eager to learn about investing from me. You do not need to be a super technical crypto expert to work in this space. The Strongurl BLunch community is evidence of that.” 

– Caroline Hoffman, COO Republic

Blockchain and Healthcare Value Care – April 2018

Speaker: Katherine Kuzmeskas, CEO of SimplyVital Health
Hosted by Luna

“Jamie has an incredible ability to bring profound thinkers and doers into the same room. Her BLunch is a carefully curated event that will ensure you grow and expand your network meaningfully. Specific to blockchain technology, it is refreshing to have a female-led, focused, supportive group that understands the long-term potential of the technology. Grateful to be a part of the group!”

– Kat Kuzmeskas, President and CEO SimplyVital Health

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