As reports of exclusive parties and celebrity sightings are being told and shared with pride and envy after blockchain week in New York City, the Women on the Block (WOTB) conference is still garnering press and conversations as many found some of the most inspiring talks at this event. (See these recent Forbes and Coindesk articles.)

The conference, with 300+ women and men from around the globe, was a powerhouse of knowledge from practically every professional perspective including political, regulatory & legal, financial, trade associations, healthcare, human capital, social impact, supply chain and smart contracts. Every speaker and many in the audience should be highlighted for their expertise and dedication to blockchain technology for a better world. Here are six to start:

The Impact Tech Investor

Georgie Benardete  Photo courtesy of Georgie Benardete.

Georgie Benardete, a technology investor and entrepreneur, is the co-founder and CEO of Align17. Keenly aware of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Benardete leads an initiative to unlock private capital and its power to invest in social and environmental opportunities to deliver financial returns.

Why blockchain? Benardete believes blockchain is the tool that can dramatically reduce transaction costs, increase speed of execution to investments and have a monumental financial multiplier effect to help deliver the global goals by 2030. With Wyoming becoming the first state in the United States to pass comprehensive legislation in support of in-state blockchain and crypto businesses, Benardete is encouraged by the acceptance of blockchain technology from some politicians.

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