Last year I started to wonder how well I knew myself, medically that is. I know housing data, the stock markets and how they trend. Now, I know the historical prices of bitcoin and many altcoins. But I don’t know my own medical statistics.

I attempted to change that and called my doctor’s office. “Hi, this is Jamie. Can you please send the results of my medical records for the past 10 years? I’d like to have main data like my blood pressure, cholesterol and vitamin D levels.” We can all imagine the look on their faces. Needless to say, I was not successful.

There is much inefficiency in the healthcare and medical space. It is further complicated with privacy laws, regulations and stakeholders who may have conflicting interests. This has hampered the ability for healthcare data to be safely shared and efficiently moved by providers, hospitals and individuals. This ability is a vital need to ensure good care and good business.

Katherine Kuzmeskas, the cofounder and CEO of  SimplyVital Health, wants to see that changed. She has been in the healthcare space for over five years, most recently as a former hospital administrator for Yale-New Haven Hospital and has worked with blockchain technology for almost two years. It was through encountering data challenges at work and realizing the tools she needed to solve issues in the value-based healthcare system weren’t available that Kuzmeskas decided to build a tool herself.

Katherine Kuzmeskas, the cofounder and CEO of SimplyVital Health. Photo by Mo Shen.


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